Meet Amanda Blakley,  Malibu-based travel aficionado, writer, adventure-seeker, and mom to two. From a young age, dreams of global travel and escaping to somewhere new captivated Amanda’s mind—so much so, that those dreams of new faces, tastes, smells, and views are now a reality. Join us on the road with Amanda as we talk about adventure, a memorable aperitivo discovery, and what Will Leather Goods means to her.

What does authenticity mean to you? 

Being real and true. I think I’m my most authentic self when I’m on an adventure, discovering a new place, waking up in a city I have never visited before, tasting a cuisine that excites or challenges me, visiting an incredible museum/gallery/performance or experiencing beauty in nature. These are the things that feed my soul - and getting to experience any one of these alongside my family is where I find my joy, purpose and true authenticity.

What or who influenced you as a child, and how has that carried on into who you are, how you dress, and how you act, today? 

I will always remember the first time I listened to a Bob Dylan’s record - how it moved me. Of course music has that effect on people, but so does literature. Escaping into a book was my earliest form of global travel and a window into the world - I was seduced by the people and places I might one day encounter while on my own grand adventures. I was also inspired by the amazing women in my life. My great grandmother, bedecked in jewelry and silk, pint-sized but a powerful feminine energy, my adventurous grandmother who traveled the globe many times over, always returning with tales of her exotic encounters and laden down with souvenirs, my incredible mother who created a childhood full of wonder and adventure for my siblings and I. Travel and the notion of novelty is something that seduced me from a young age. 

How would you describe your personal style? 

I love a touch of glamor, a bit of rebel and always a measure of comfort in my outfits. Nothing too precious or stiff or tight. I love west coast living for the simplicity and ease with which one can move through the day from a style perspective. 

What’s something you’ve recently discovered that you wish more people knew about? 

Frescobol is my summer obsession - it’s a Brazilian paddleball sport usually played on the beach. My husband and I became obsessed with it many years ago on the beaches south of Rio and have recently begun playing together at home in Cali -let the games begin!! I also recently discovered the Venetian aperitivo Select, which is the cooler cousin to Aperol and Campari. Serve it as a spritz with a dash of soda and Prosecco plus an olive!

When you think of Will Leather Goods, what’s one word that comes to mind? 

Quality - I appreciate the attention to detail and the care that must go into the creation of each piece of luggage, every satchel and case. You can feel the heritage and craftsmanship, the way each zipper pulls just-so, or the perfect placement of a snap in an intuitive position. I can already tell my Travel Duffle will last me a lifetime (and hopefully beyond!)