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by Will Leather Goods Creative Team March 16, 2017

Thomas Wolfe may have written you can’t go home again, but Will Adler, the founder and creative director of Will Leather Goods, feels differently. Decades after leaving his hometown of Detroit, Adler has returned there to open the company’s most unusual retail shop. Located on the former site of the historic Tomboy Grocery Store at 4120 2nd Avenue, the 9,000-square-foot concept shop not only provides an ideal showcase for the company’s large selection of wallets and other leather goods, it boasts an art gallery, a café, local architectural treasures, and even a teepee.

“My family has been in the retail clothing business for 100 years,” says Adler, who founded his company 35 years ago. “But it was really my brother, who recently passed away, that prompted me to build this store. He ran a store here in Detroit called Man Oh Man, and before he died, he said to me that he felt Detroit really had the potential to become the Brooklyn of the Midwest. So after I decided to open the store, as an early influencer, I wanted to create a gathering place for the community. You can come in and see art, have coffee, and just hang out. What we’re already finding is that whole families are coming in, and not just because we sell something for everyone. One of the reason I put this 8-person teepee in the front of the store is that the teepee is the first American house, and it’s a place where you need to look at each other when you talk. I want to give people the unexpected experience.”

The store’s selection includes such items as burnished vintage leather baseballs and footballs, boxing gloves, antique-style hats, canvas-and-leather bags with lots of reinforced buckles and locks, as well as pieces made from all corners of the earth. “We embrace artisans from everywhere from Mexico to Africa to Japan,” says Adler. “Every product has its own story, and our sales associates have to memorize each of those stories.”

As Adler admits, getting people into a store has become more challenging in recent years. “We know people can just sit at home in their PJs and order cool stuff on the web, so my mission is to keep in-store shopping interesting,” he says. The new Detroit store, for example, offers a place where you can put together your own belt. It also offers free embroidery, embossing and logos on its products, as well as various versions of gift presentations. Meanwhile, in his flagship store in Eugene, Oregon, Adler has added items to its merchandise mix. “With the legalization of marijuana there, we discovered people were interested in lighters with leather cases,” he says.

One thing that has remained consistent for many years is Adler’s commitment to charity through his “Give Will” program. “When the business took off in the wholesale market – we now sell to 700 stores – I decided I wanted to give something back, and it had to be in a way that was inspiring to me,” says Adler. “So I decided to give the same backpack that I sell to Nordstrom to children, on which there’s a space for students to write both their names and their dreams. It’s a way to reach their heart, inspire their creativity, and stimulate a conversation about their future. In Detroit, I’ve committed to donating 50,000 bags over the next 24 months, including some to my old elementary school.”

Adler doesn’t have much time to enjoy his return home, as his San Francisco store, which was supposed to originally open this summer, is now scheduled to let customers in this month. “Because of the city’s strict rules regarding earthquakes, we had to do some retrofitting, which lasted four months. But we will be open by Thanksgiving!”

Will Leather Goods Creative Team

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Due to the nature of leather and vintage materials our warranty does not cover natural wear and tear from daily love. Worn edges or corners, natural fading and softening of materials is an expected occurrence.  We guarantee the foundation of our product will hold your belongings safely. We find that patches and natural wear are a part of the story that unfolds as your product grows with you. One of a kind, Vintage and Found product may need to be patched or stitch due to the nature of vintage material. We charge between $35 and $75 depending on natural wear and tear or can recommend a local cobbler to expedite repair.

Exclusions and Limitations include shoes, hats, furniture, watches, jewelry, clothing, home goods, vintage product and FINAL SALE merchandise.

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We highly recommend using leather care treatment to maintain and preserve your leather products: Product Care

Our wax coated canvas is coated with paraffin which makes this water-resistant, but not waterproof. If your canvas product gets wet, we recommend you let it air dry thoroughly in a warm dry place. If at any time your canvas has scratches or marks, these can typically be reduced by using a hair dryer on medium heat to help the wax soften and absorb back into the canvas.

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The general rule of thumb for our belts is to go up two sizes from your pants size. Please note that sizing may vary depending on the cut and brand of pants.

Looking to try it out beforehand? Come into a Will store near you for "custom fitting"!
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The sizes are determined by buckling the collar and measuring the inside circumference.
Small Medium
11" (1st Hole) 15.5" (1st Hole)
9.75" (3rd Hole) 14" (3rd Hole)
8" (5th Hole) 12.5" (5th Hole)
Large X-Large
20" (1st Hole) 23.75" (1st Hole)
18.25" (3rd Hole) 22" (3rd Hole)
17" (5th Hole) 19.75" (5th Hole)

The monogram has existed since 350 B.C., but came into popularity as steam ships started to cross the Atlantic to help identify the trunks and luggage of the travelers. Today, the monogram remains a functional identifier, while also lending personal style to your leather goods.

Personalize your product or gift with monogramming in either our small serif font (1/4") or our large sans-serif font (1/2") shown above. We use traditional heat stamping to emboss into our vegetable tanned leather.