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Native Detroiter and Founder Will Adler Pays Homage to Hometown and the Perseverance of Detroit

Detroit, Michigan (May 23rd 2019) – Will Leather Goods, Detroit is the city where I was born and raised. I spent the first twenty years of my life in the Motor City, listening to the early Motown Artists; going to school at Vernor in Northwest Detroit and then to Wayne State for College. I was born into a family of retailers – my paternal grandfather was a salesman at Sak Fifth Avenue for over thirty years; my father was the VP of Merchandising for Hughes and Hatcher; my maternal grandfather, Issac Grossman, owned and operated Grossman’s in Muskegon, Michigan; and my brother, Bobby was the founder and owner of Man Oh Man – a family with a hundred year legacy of retailing in Detroit! To support the comeback and growth of Detroit, I continued my family legacy, opening the Will Leather Goods Legacy store in Midtown four years ago.

With the help of Sue Mosey and Midtown Detroit Inc., we purchased and renovated the former Tomboy Market on 4120 2nd and Alexandria – bringing the 1930’s building back to it’s glory; exposing it’s high ceilings, original subway tiles, and terrazzo floor. We infused all of the elements of Will Leather Goods into the space – using 300 year old canoes as chandeliers; a thirty foot tall teepee in the center of the store; turn of the century wood beams salvaged from barns in Oregon; and the many unique, high quality leather goods for men and women that I’ve created over the past forty years.

We have flourished in Midtown, and have been welcomed and supported by our neighbors and customers. We embraced the city, GIVE WILL gave over 10,000 backpacks to kids at underfunded elementary schools in Detroit, such as Vernor Elementary and the Cornerstone School. We passed along our Lifetime Guarantee to the many customers who have purchased products from us over the past four years – I consider them all lifelong friends and will stay with them on their journey.

While I love our Legacy Store, an opportunity to sell the space to acclaimed restauranteur Jeremy Sasson of the Heirloom Hospitality Group will make a positive use of the 9,000 square foot space while also infusing Midtown with an amazing fine dining experience. We discovered that the 9,000 SF space is too large for our retailing needs, and that Midtown is not yet ignited with the foot traffic we desire to reach a wider audience. Therefore, we are currently looking for a new retail location in Detroit. Until we find a new location, I stand committed to the city that raised me and will offer complimentary shipping, embossing, and conditioning to all the citizens of Detroit and Michigan at large.

I’m grateful for the love and support Detroit has shown me, my family, and Will Leather Goods - and I greatly look forward to starting a new journey in the Motor City.

Will Leather Goods entry into the Detroit market was made possible in part thanks to the resources and support of non-profit planning and development organization, Midtown Detroit, and its leader Susan Mosey.

Will Adler

For questions and concerns, reach out to us at willservice@willleathergoods.com

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Will Leather Goods is proud to offer WILL's guarantee.

We cover manufacturer defects in leather workmanship and hardware by replacement of your bag or a gift certificate if the bag is no longer available. 

To begin the replacement process please fill out this form:

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Our lifetime guarantee is a warranty against defects in materials (leather and hardware such as snaps, zippers, buckles, rivets, etc.) and workmanship. Our leather, as with all natural materials, will occasionally have unique characteristics such as: small scars, creases and variations in the color and are not considered defects. Validated warranty repairs are repaired or replaced at no charge.

Due to the nature of leather and vintage materials our warranty does not cover natural wear and tear from daily love. Worn edges or corners, natural fading and softening of materials is an expected occurrence.  We guarantee the foundation of our product will hold your belongings safely. We find that patches and natural wear are a part of the story that unfolds as your product grows with you. One of a kind, Vintage and Found product may need to be patched or stitch due to the nature of vintage material. 

Maintain your favorite leather pieces regularly to ensure soft and supple leather. Leather can be cleaned and restored with a regimen of leather care products designed to clean, condition and protect. Leather Care can help maintain your product longer. Please see our Leather Care page for more information. We recommend conditioning your leather at a minimum of every 6 months. Learn more about how to care for your leather.

If you are in a dryer (hot or cold) climate please condition your product as soon as it feels less supple, dull or faded. Vegetable tanned leather when conditioned should feel slightly oiled and look rich. Similar to the nature of skin it needs to be moisturized as soon as it feels dry. We charge $25 + shipping for conditioning or head to a store for onsite conditioning for Free and the full Will Leather Goods experience.


Product Care Information

We highly recommend using leather care treatment to maintain and preserve your leather products: Product Care

Our wax coated canvas is coated with paraffin which makes this water-resistant, but not waterproof. If your canvas product gets wet, we recommend you let it air dry thoroughly in a warm dry place. If at any time your canvas has scratches or marks, these can typically be reduced by using a hair dryer on medium heat to help the wax soften and absorb back into the canvas.

By purchasing products from Will Leather Goods you agree to the terms in our Lifetime Warranty. Will Leather Goods reserves to right to alter, edit or cancel our Lifetime Warranty without notice.

The general rule of thumb for our belts is to go up two sizes from your pants size. Please note that sizing may vary depending on the cut and brand of pants.

Looking to try it out beforehand? Come into a Will store near you for "custom fitting"!
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30 32 S
32 34 M
34 36 L
36 38 XL
38 40 XL
40 42 -
42 44 -
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The sizes are determined by buckling the collar and measuring the inside circumference.
Small Medium
11" (1st Hole) 15.5" (1st Hole)
9.75" (3rd Hole) 14" (3rd Hole)
8" (5th Hole) 12.5" (5th Hole)
Large X-Large
20" (1st Hole) 23.75" (1st Hole)
18.25" (3rd Hole) 22" (3rd Hole)
17" (5th Hole) 19.75" (5th Hole)

The monogram has existed since 350 B.C., but came into popularity as steam ships started to cross the Atlantic to help identify the trunks and luggage of the travelers. Today, the monogram remains a functional identifier, while also lending personal style to your leather goods.

dark monogram

Personalize your product or gift with a monogram in either our small 1/4" font or our large 1/2" font. We use traditional heat stamping to deboss into our vegetable tanned leather.

All-in-One Leather Solution

All-in-One Leather Solution

Protect your investment piece with our specially-formulated All-In-One Leather Solution to ensure the lifetime of your leather collection. Handcrafted by expert artisans all over the world, our leather goods deserve to be treated with care.

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Mink Oil Crème

Mink Oil Crème

We use only the best leather made to stand the test of time. Handcrafted by expert artisans all over the world, our leather goods deserve to be treated with care. Protect your investment piece with our Mink Oil Crème to ensure the lifetime of your leather collection.

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