We take pride in the enduring quality of our handcrafted products, 
which is why we offer our customers a lifetime guarantee.
No expiration.



Taking care of your product needs in our Eugene, Oregon Workshop. We believe in a Lifetime Guarantee. A Different Way of Doing Business


When you walk into a Will Leather Goods store, the aroma of leather and oil immediately triggers your sense memory: You remember a polished saddle from your childhood; your mother’s well-worn clutch; your grandfather’s leather-bound bible; an old fashioned briefcase fastened with shiny brass rivets. You feel the leather—it is polished or it is raw, it is smooth or it is pebbled, it is supple and it is strong. Your fingers trace over an embossed corner of a wallet as you open the billfold and imagine a photo of your children peeking through the transparent panel.
This is a sensory experience, and your Will Leather Goods piece is an emotional—and practical—investment.
Your piece will be well loved, and, what’s more, it will last. It is made by the most knowledgeable craftsmen who are the best at what they do, using the highest quality materials. Every detail of its design has been considered. Every button assessed, every stitch thought through, every fabric tested and tried. Your Will Leather Goods item is built to serve you, for good.
We know this. We promise it. And, in the event that something does go wrong, we honor it: We will replace your piece without question, guaranteed.
It’s an old-school way of doing business that’s based in trust, values, mutual respect, and quality. And we’re proud to practice it.


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