Will Leather Goods Embraces Worldwide Artisans

Necks craned over sketch-pads, hands poised on machines, eyes moving meticulously over bolts of fabric: In workshops around the world, artisans are bringing their inspiration to bear through the sweat on their brow and the power in their fingertips.

This is their craft. It wakes them in the morning with a flutter in their hearts and moves them through their days with purpose. They become engrossed in the experience until they lose track of the world around them. Their inspiration compels them.

We are artists. We are creators. We are partners.

 We are proud to collaborate with global artisans around the world—in West Africa, Bombay, Mexico, China, Texas, Oregon, Oaxaca, and Peru. We rely on their knowledge of their craft, their innate ability to work with local materials, and their passion of purpose. We align ourselves with those who share our standards of excellence, our demand for authenticity, and our exacting ethical values. 

We are a global family and we are growing. We travel to the far reaches of the world in search of more men and women who will bring their passion and skill to our brand.

Our headquarters is in Eugene, Oregon. Our heart and soul is everywhere.