Gunner Belt Gunner Belt Gunner Belt Gunner Belt Gunner Belt Gunner Belt Gunner Belt Gunner Belt

Gunner Belt

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Color: Citron Cotton + Fuschia Cotton + Olive Cotton + Orange Cotton + Red Cotton + Turquoise Cotton + White Cotton + Yellow Cotton

  1. Gunner Belt
  2. Gunner Belt
  3. Gunner Belt
  4. Gunner Belt
  5. Gunner Belt
  6. Gunner Belt
  7. Gunner Belt
  8. Gunner Belt

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In 1981, Will set up a stand on the Venice Beach boardwalk and began to sell cotton belts. He started with a dozen in every color and dubbed the stand, "Rainbow Belts." This was the beginning of the WILL brand… Today, we've reintroduced these belts. Made from sturdy cotton webbing, the belts feature a military buckle inspired by those used by the Boy Scouts, as well as a subtle, embossed WILL cow icon. A nod to our heritage, we invite you to make these Gunner belts a part of your story, your journey, your adventure...


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Cotton Webbing
Antique Nickel Finish Military Buckle
One Size Fits Most up to Size 42"
Approx. Weight .50 LB
Designed in Eugene, Oregon
Manufactured by Worldwide Artisans in China
Size Chart: Belt Size Chart

Cut Down Instructions:
Lift clamp behind buckle and remove strap.
Cut the strap to desired length.
Do not cut the end with the metal tip.
Use clear nail polish or a lighter to seal the edge of the strap.
Replace the buckle.


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