Oaxacan Padfolio Oaxacan Padfolio Oaxacan Padfolio Oaxacan Padfolio Oaxacan Padfolio Oaxacan Padfolio Oaxacan Padfolio

Oaxacan Padfolio

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  1. Oaxacan Padfolio
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After Zapotec, the Spanish and Pueblos introduced hand weaving to the Teotitlán weavers and the vegetable-dyed Oaxacan wool rug was born. Weavers used natural elements including berries, moss, tree bark and larvae to achieve the vibrant, varied colors seen throughout the rugs. To ensure each piece in the Oaxacan Rug Collection has the proper function to complement their form, we have added leather panels to all stress points, ensuring that the weight of your contents always rest on the leather and not on the rug. Using the same vegetable-dyed leather and steadfast construction methods of our Signature Canvas and Leather Collection, we take steps on the factory line to perfect each piece before it reaches your hands.
10.25" x 12.75"
Top-Grain, Vegetable Tanned Washed Bridle Leather
Hand-loomed, Vegetable Dyed Oaxacan wool rugs
Slip Pockets for Pens
Slip Pocket Fits 8.5" x 11" Legal Pad
6 Card Slots
ID Slot
Approx. Weight .25 lb
Designed in Eugene, Oregon
Manufactured by Worldwide Artisans in Mexico


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