Oaxacan Travel Kit Oaxacan Travel Kit Oaxacan Travel Kit Oaxacan Travel Kit

Oaxacan Travel Kit

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  1. Oaxacan Travel Kit
  2. Oaxacan Travel Kit
  3. Oaxacan Travel Kit
  4. Oaxacan Travel Kit

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The Zapotec people of Oaxaca, Mexico have a weaving tradition that is seventeen centuries old. When Conquistadors introduced sheep and looms, the process and materials changed, but the intrinsic bold geometry and nature-hewn colors carried on to the present day.

Our Oaxacan Collection is created using hand-loomed wool rugs which are strengthened by leather panels that direct weight and wear away from the fabric to ensure these usable works of art serve you beautifully for years to come...


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11-1/2" x 5" x 5"
Oaxacan Wool Rugs
Bridle Leather Trim
Zipper Top
Approx. Weight 1 lb
Designed in Eugene, Oregon
Manufactured by Worldwide Artisans in Mexico


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