The Tom Mix Hat

The Tom Mix Hat

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Color: Belly Felt

  1. The Tom Mix Hat

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William Adler’s fascination with the Old West began when he was a young man – the history of the American frontier captivated and reflected his own industrious spirit. Cowboys often wore sturdy, handcrafted hats to protect against weather while working long days on the ranch, but the head-wear eventually became a symbol of dedication, passion and hard work to their life’s work. The William Hat Collection is Will’s homage to painstaking, quality craftsmanship created with time honored traditions in expert design and construction.The William Hat is an indispensable accessory to a daytime or nighttime look. These designs celebrate the timeless approach to the art of hat making, and our company takes great pride in working with artisans who share the same passion for the artistic and hands on approach honored at Will Leather Goods. This is the hat you pass down from generation to generation for its timeless design and quality.


100% Western Weight (7oz) Fur Felt
Brim Width is 4", Crown Width 5-1/2"
Pencil Roll Brim 1/2"
Inside Liner is Bridal Satin with Will Logo
Sweat Band is Rhone Leather
Petersham Grosgrain Ribbon
Approx. Weight .25 LB
Designed in Eugene, Oregon
Manufactured by Worldwide Artisans in the United States
Hat Sizing: 7", 7-1/8", 7-1/4", 7-3/8", 7-1/2", 7-5/8", 7-3/4"

How To Measure Your Head For A Hat Video


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