This durable vegetable tanned leather and metal keychain is rugged and built to last. The flat split ring is easy to fill, yet secure enough to load up with all your essential keys.

•Vegetable Tanned Leather
•Swivel Head Dog Clip Clasp
•Antique Brass Finished Hardware

Vegetable Tanned Leather

Will Leather Goods is well-known for using natural vegetable tanned leathers, which adhere to the hide and provide greater flexibility, longevity, and water resistance. Our use of natural, plant-based tannins stabilizes the hide and reveals its natural blemishes and scars. Over time, this creates a unique patina that gets richer with every wear. This tanning process highlights imperfections, allowing Will to tell the leather's deeper story.

Antique Brass HW

We use antiqued silver, brass, rose gold, and bronze hardware, which are stone washed, creating a vintage, weathered patina. Will appreciates an authentic lived-in feel that only gets better with wear.