FOUND Vintage U.S. Postal Bag - Bucheimer 1967

FOUND Vintage U.S. Postal Bag - Bucheimer 1967

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The Story:

Our U.S. Postal bags originate from 1950-1970. Each carried by the most stolid field tester on the planet - a U.S. postman. Rivet placement, thread quality, stitch pattern, seam allowance - each bag was designed impeccably to withstand the rigorous of its duty; and each bears the unique patina from its time in service.
Is it a surprise that these bags survived over 40 years to hang at your side? No - the only surprise, perhaps, is that durability could be so beautiful

Product Details:

16" X 13" X 5"
Brown Vintage Leather
Removable Leather Strap
1967 Bucheimer
Country of Manufacture: United States
Style: 3

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